National Poetry Month April 2020

April is National Poetry Month and I challenged myself to write at least one new poem every day! Below is a small selection of the poems that were written. To read other selections, please contact me.

Day Thirty – April 30, 2020

Camera Flash

A lightning bolt blinds the sky
In a cosmic camera flash
To immortalize the Polaroid world,
And print its living negative.
The archived memory
Of ancient sepia
Develops on plastic spools of film
That splice an animated timeline
Where hidden figures
Sit still in portrait frowns.
As they start to smudge,
The colours fog and bleed out life,
And the world is turned to black and grey,
Captured in predestined fade.

Day Twenty-Nine – April 29, 2020

A Park Bench

We named a park bench after you,
And when the evening sun is low –
Your shadow’s cast in twilight hue –
The old man shuffles in so slow.

His rounded shoulders slope away
As he takes his night time turn,
And stops upon the bench to lay
His bones upon that wooden urn.

He’ll sit awhile and watch the birds
Before he’ll shine the brass nameplate,
Which bears the most important words,
That, long ago, did seal his fate.

We named a park bench after you.
It’s a lovely sitting gravestone,
But when the evening’s visit’s through,
The old man shuffles out alone.

Day Twenty-Two – April 22, 2020

In Enduring Space

To be the sun
Day in, night out
Carrying the weight
Of so many worlds
Taking the heat
For so many burns
There is no rest
In enduring space
Till its light blows out
It’s burned itself to death

Day Nineteen – April 19, 2020

The Jigsaw Man

The jigsaw man
Is built of cardboard pieces,
Ill-fitted together to form his soul.
Whenever a piece goes missing,
He takes one from another
Until every carton rattles
It’s incomplete portrait,
And his face becomes
An abstract patchwork quilt
Of every image he’s borrowed,
And all the other puzzles
Are left littered with empty holes.

Day Eighteen – April 18, 2020

Fear Not The Sleeping Dragon

Fear not the sleeping dragon
For when he wakes
His breath will warm
The embers in the sky

His feet will thump
Upon the earth
And loose the rain to dry

His wings will stretch
Across the trees
And teach the leaves to fly

Fear not the sleeping dragon
Nor his living, seeing eye.

Day Seventeen – April 17, 2020

In a Balloon

To glide past the mountain, in a balloon
And float in a wide wicker crate,
Is the pleasure of late afternoon –
To glide past the mountain, in a balloon
And loom near the orange harvest moon,
That promised it wouldn’t be late
To glide past the mountain, in a balloon,
And float in a wide wicker crate.

Day Fifteen – April 15, 2020

The Madcap Man

The madcap man makes his frantic bid
To abscond with his stolen prize,
Feeling the rush of success;
Flouting rules for the thrill
Of feeling alive,
To prove he stands

Day Thirteen – April 13, 2020

The Dog-Eared Tale

A tale,
Yet unwritten,
Reaches out from the shelf
To crack its spine upon my heart
And read
The story now scribed in my soul,
Like words typed on a page
That’s been dog-eared
Too much.

Day Twelve – April 12, 2020

Behind Venetian Glass

Behind Venetian glass,
Stands a solitary rose,
Whose petals are caught in eternal wilt.
But a lonely firefly
Might one day come to shine
And share its living light to sparkle through
That crystal rose-glass vase,
Igniting sparks of colour
That have been so long missing from its vine.
It might rest upon a thorn
To drink rosewater dew,
Fermented from the years it lay in wait,
And sweetened by the syrup of the sun.

Day Ten – April 10, 2020

The Marble 

The small marble rolled across the floor
And stopped short of its destination.
In the once spherical spinning glass
Are separate swirls of jade and sun.
A second marble rolls to meet it,
The faint clinking sound of glass on glass –
Not hollow like wine goblets cheering,
Nor resonant like knocked-on windows,
Just a soft sound of tapping marbles,
A click of satisfying wonder.
The indulgent joy to watch them meet,
Blending their patterns of different tints
Like frozen cats’ eyes, gazing at us,
Daring us to roll them all again.

Day Seven – April 7, 2020

A Soul in Harmony 

His voice like honey meets my tired ears,
So sweet and soft with wisdom as he sings
A ballad tune of hope and joy, he brings
Me comfort even after all these years.

Chordal poems with strength to transpose fears
And stand the test of time upon the King’s
Most lyric songbird’s rhythmic flying wings;
His soaring words can bring the world to tears.

The chorus voices share the words he wrote
To last through time and be forever ours;
To harmonize our souls like art.

So when his phrases reach their cadence note,
His melody will join among the stars
And twinkle still in tempo with my heart.

Day Six – April 6, 2020

The Guardian

I’ve loved him almost all my life, my friend
Has been my strength though all my joy and pain
For now and always through right to the end
Where naught but dust and stories will remain

We are the same now after all these years
Our half-chewed eyes on either side still shine
Within our stretched-out skin all streaked with tears
That dry forever when our arms entwine

The guardian and keeper of my dreams
My hopes and fears he draws into his heart
To hold them tight till bursting at the seams
He’s old and worn but beautiful like art

Most art we hang immobile on our wall
But I will never part with him at all

Day four – April 4, 2020

The Kindness of a Thought

The kindness of a passing thought
Wisdom at its state most pure
To travel far and reach our hearts
Inspiring acts that move the earth

Wisdom at its state most pure
A simple beauty of intent
Inspiring acts that move the earth
Bringing us closer to the sun

A simple beauty of intent
To travel far and reach our hearts
Bringing us closer to the sun
The kindness of a passing thought