Want to learn music?

Cello, Composition, and Theory Lessons

Private or Group
In-Person or Virtual

Kathryn has been teaching for over ten years, both privately and in group environments. For eight years she has been teaching with El Sistema-inspired organizations, free after-school music and social development programs for children living in underserved communities. Kathryn whole-heartedly believes that learning music should be fun and accessible to all.

Anyone can learn music at any point in their lives!

Kathryn is comfortable coaching students through audition processes, RCM exams, and competitions, though she does not put a premium on those experiences, preferring first and foremost to encourage a love of music and learning.

Kathryn is bilingual and is comfortable teaching in either English or French.
Kathryn est bilingue et elle peut enseigner en anglais ou en français.

How it works :

Kathryn currently resides in Toronto, ON. She teaches virtually using Zoom (both private and group classes) and can welcome students living anywhere in the world. Kathryn takes in-person students in the Bloor-Yonge area, and a limited number of in-person students in the Ajax/Pickering/Oshawa area.

It is likely that a hybrid model will become the norm. Kathryn may offer a combination of virtual and in-person classes to take advantage of both models’ benefits and hopefully reduce barriers for students.


$60 per hour for private cello, composition, or theory lessons

Kathryn also offers various group classes and is more than willing to discuss accommodation for students who aren’t able to afford her fees. For more information, or to learn about upcoming pay-what-you-can courses and other exciting opportunities contact Kathryn below.

Final Thoughts

The classical music world can often be an intimidating and unwelcoming place. Kathryn wants to do everything she can to change that. She wants any and all kinds of students:

·        People who just love to learn

·        People who always wanted to learn music but faced barriers

·        People who just want to learn about music so they can appreciate it more

·        People who have no idea if they like music studies, but they want to find out

·        People who want to forge a career in music

·        People who have no idea what they’re doing with their life, and that’s okay

Interested in learning music? Reach out now!

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