Kathryn Knowles is a composer, cellist, and writer from Inverary, Ontario and currently based in Toronto, Ontario. Her musical works have been played in workshops by the Toronto Symphony Orchestra, the New Orford String Quartet, and the Penderecki String Quartet. Her work, Biarc will be premiered by the Accordion and Clarinet Duo, Joseph Petric and Martin Carpentier in late 2021.

Kathryn received honourable mention in the Writer’s Digest 89th Annual Writing Competition for her poem, Beyond the Black Horizon’s Crease, and her short story, Lester’s Bird Feeder. Her debut novel, the Relics of Illayan, the first novel in a fantasy trilogy, is set to be released in 2022.

Kathryn is interested in multidisciplinary artistic exchange, and in exploring the creative process. She holds a Bachelor of Music and a Master of International Business from Queen’s University, as well as a Master in Music Composition from the University of Toronto where she was awarded the Joseph Armand Bombardier Canadian Graduate Scholarship. During her time at U of T, Kathryn initiated and led the creation of an annual interdisciplinary conference to showcase artistic creation-based research known as the Multidisciplinary Creative Conference.

In addition to her work as a composer and writer, Kathryn is a Centre Director with Sistema Toronto, the Music Director of Music4Life String Orchestra, and the General Manager of the Canadian League of Composers. Kathryn is a strong advocate for the accessibility and appreciation of music and art in today’s society and she values the constant pursuit and celebration of knowledge.





Ever since I was a child, I have been drawn to every aspect of language and writing.  I love writing, reading, and learning new languages. I am fluent in English and French and I’m decent at German! I happily pursue writing projects in all variety of forms: creative writing, poetry, academia, grant writing etc. (I’ve even self published a rhyming children’s book).

Beautiful imagery or a good turn of phrase – I live for that stuff. I even like the nitty gritty of grammar laws.

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The Relics of Illayan

Relics of Illayan Manuscript Draft April 2020

In the fabled land of Caerlon, two life-long friends must experience love, loss, and betrayal as they unravel the secrets that could bring an end to a centuries-long reign of tyranny.

Growing up together in a small village in the north of Caerlon, Catanya and Diyah share a bond like sisters. Diyah is the last surviving member of a race of legendary healers known as the Heiltúir, which gives her an important calling and a drive to help people. But when Catanya, who has never known her family, begins to exhibit magical powers, the merciless warriors of Caerlon, the Fírkon, begin to hunt her down, and the best friends find themselves embarking on separate journeys of self-discovery.

At 104,000 words, The Relics of Illayan is the first novel in a trilogy exploring a pre-medieval world of fantasy and adventure through the eyes of two young women as they encounter forbidden magic, warring kingdoms, and unexpected allies. This book should appeal to readers of heroic fantasy in the style of Patrick Rothfuss, The Kingkiller Chronicles, and historical fiction similar to Diana Gabaldon’s Outlander. It’s a story that explores the impact of family and friendship and suggests that the line between good and evil is never as clear as we think.